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The nature of the current business calls for business organizations to engage in constant efforts to finding new approaches and means to recruiting and maintaining competitive and top talent. To most effectively explore Google’s employee motivation, a subset of literature has been selected based on its relevance to the following question:
•What are Google’s motivational techniques?
•What are some of the perks of working at Google?

What are Google’s motivational techniques?

In the year 2009, Google Inc. ranked first as the best company to work for according to the Fortune magazine (Cooks, 2012). The CEO, Erin Schmitt, subscribes to the school of thought founded upon the belief that “fun is good.” as much as the employees face challenging tasks in Google Inc., the management ensures that the challenge is fun. According to the article “How Google Motivates Their Employees With Rewards And Perks,” the company’s main motivational technique is providing creatively unique working workstations, fostering, celebrating and rewarding the employees from time to time.

Schepp argued that a fascinating aspect of Google Inc.’s intrinsic motivational rewards is the fact the company allows for the employees to undertake their normal duties at their freedom (Schepp, 2012). Walker agrees by saying that the essence of freedom for the employees at the workplace is an important aspect that fosters business performance and overall organizational success (Walker, 2012). By granting freedom to its employees, Google Inc. allows them to control and manage their time, work together towards materializing a common goal, which consequently leads to the development of new ideas that have in the years helped to keep Google Inc. leading in the industry it operates.

How Google reward their employees?

To streamline the way employees engage…...

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