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In the name of ALLHA ALMIGHITY the lord of the world who has bestowed us with abilities and blessed with knowledge so that we can make best of opportunities provide to us. First of all we are indebted toward ALLHA ALMIGHTY who has created us and made capable enough to with stand in the competitive world.
If words could pay gratitude then we would like to pay our esteem gratitude to our most respected SIR ABID AWAN for assigning us this project of BUSINESS QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES. Throughout the course period he has been extremely cooperated with us and guided us at every single step he has been very encouraging and kind to us.
At the end we just want to thanks to our families, because they tolerated us when we don’t able to give time to them and become one of the main reasons of cancelation of many outdoor trips.

Our basic objective to work on this report is to evaluate the how to statistical tools applied on practical life and how these tools helps us...

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