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Business Research Method Proposal

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International University- Vietnam National University
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Due on Friday, 3rd October, 2014

I. Research title: Factors influence on customer satisfaction in Vietnam virtual environment II. Backgrounds and rationale of the study:
Recently, Vietnam online market has been developing at a high rate. According to the data reported by Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA, Ministry of Industry and Trade, 2013), the using Internet rate of 90 million Vietnamese people is 36 percent in which there are 57 percent going online shopping. Revenue of the whole industry reaches USD 667 million and USD 30/ person in average (Visa, 2012). With current growth rate, it is forecasted that there will be about 50% of population using Internet in 2015 and average consumption of USD 50/person per year which pushes revenue in this year up to USD 1.3 billion. Clothes and technology products are the two highest online exchange as well as trading (accounting for 62% and 35%, respectively). From the information reported by comScore in 2013, top 5 retail sites in Vietnam are; Lazada sites,; and Besides, game online trading is the important sector in virtual environment.
On the other hand, the primary users come from the age range of 15-59, accounting for 67% (Vietnam General Statistic Office, 2014) and 62% of them play game online according to reported by Google and Taylor Nelson Sofres research market company. This rate is forecasted to be higher, which is one of the significant reasons for game online distributors’ development in Vietnam. Many of them use game cards which are provided by game distribution companies. Currently, Garena, VNG, FPT and VTC are main competitors in this market....

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