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Business Research Plan

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Unit 1 Individual Project
MGT600 – Business Research for Decision Making

April 7, 2013


Functional companies in today growing economy use Formal Research and Business Proposals to effectively conduct business. Both methods are clearly different in meaning and purpose, however the two are intertwined. Formal research and Business Proposals both have applications and values in a business setting that will be discussed in this research paper. The theoretical framework and the research design relating to collaborative technology in virtual globalization will be discussed. (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010).

Part 1 “Formal Research” versus “Business Proposal”
In Part one of this research paper I will be discussing the theoretical and practical differences between “formal research” and “business proposals”. In researching the two methods I will present how they impact the business industry, it is vital that business professionals comprehend the distinction between them. Management teams will benefit from research and proposals if they are conducted and implemented properly.

Part 1. Marketing Manager and Researchers in a company have complex task in developing formal research projects and business proposals. Formal Research is a structured research style that allows business researchers in a company to present information in a scientific manner. Teams who conduct formal research must use a systematic professional process of collecting and analyzing information. The collection of data allows the organization to increase their understanding of problems within a company. In attempts to enhance the company’s success research is completed to determine the implementation of a new product or assess changes in human resource management. Research provides basic information and statistics in a given field or industry, depending on the focus...

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