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| A Study on ‘Socio-economic Status of Rickshaw Pullers in Dhaka City’ | Course Name- Business Statistics ( F-503) | | Submitted to:Dr. M. Jahangir Alam ChowdhuryProfessorDept. Of FinanceUniversity Of DhakaSubmitted By:Md. Shafiul Azam (ID#26059)Student of ‘Business Statistics’ Spring, 2014EMBA (Finance) ProgramUniversity Of Dhaka Date Of Submission: 30th April 2014 |

1. Introduction

The rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport. It is generally a pedal-driven vehicle i.e. it is run by human power. But at present rickshaw with an electric motor is available to assist the puller. The rickshaw was built in the 1880s and was first used with regularity starting in 1929 in Singapore. Six years later they outnumbered pulled rickshaws. Cycle rickshaws were found in every south and East Asian country by 1950. By the late 1980s there were estimated 4 million cycle rickshaws in the world.

Rickshaw is the most popular mode of transport in Bangladesh and are available for hire throughout the country. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is known as the "Rickshaw Capital of the World". They were introduced here about 1938 and by the end of the 20th century there were 300,000 cycle rickshaws in Dhaka. Approximately 400,000 cycle rickshaws run each day. Cycle rickshaws in Bangladesh are also more convenient than the other public modes of transports in the country namely auto rickshaws, cabs and buses. They are mostly convertible rickshaws with folding hoods and are the only kind of vehicles that can be driven in many neighborhoods of the city with narrow streets and lanes. However, increasing traffic congestion and the resulting collisions have led to the banning of rickshaws on many major streets in the city. Urban employment in Bangladesh also largely depends on cycle rickshaws. Because of...

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