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Company Change Analysis

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Table of Contents Company Overview | | 2 | | Summary | 2 | | Mission and Values | 2 | | Store Locations and Size | 3 | | Financial Snapshot | 4 | | Global Socrates KLD Report Highlights | 5 | Analysis | | 6 | | Defining Change | 6 | | Top 5 Change Indicators | 8 | | Analysis of Initiatives | 9 | Strategic Recommendations | | 12 |

Company Overview
Supervalu has been a participant in the grocery retail and supply chain industry for more than 140 years. Through the establishment of 1,114 traditional retail stores, 1,280 hard-discount stores, and 2,700 independent locations serviced by its Independent Business Segment, Supervalu has been able to target millions of customers who are looking to shop in traditional, premium, or hard-discounted stores. In addition, of the 1,114 traditional stores and 1,280 hard-discount stores, 805 in-store pharmacies and 899 stores operated by licensed owners, respectively, also exist within the traditional and discounted stores. Supervalu offers all types of products including, but not limited to, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, USDA-inspected beef, pork and poultry, and an assortment of general merchandise. In addition, Supervalu is a primary supplier to approximately 1,900 stores within its 2,700 independent locations serviced by its Independent Business Segment (Supervalu 2011 Fact Book).
Mission and Values The mission statement of Supervalu is as followed: “We will provide America’s Neighborhoods with a superior grocery shopping experience enhanced by local expertise, national strength and a passion for our customers” (Mission Statement).
The values of…...

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