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Elite Feet Manager’s Report
June 25, 2013

Introduction This manager’s report provides a financial performance review of the business operations for athletic footwear industry’s Elite Feet for production Years 11 through 18. Included in the report are trends in company’s annual total revenues, earnings per share (EPS), return on equity (ROE), credit rating, stock price and image rating. Additionally reported are the strategic vision for the company, performance targets for the aforementioned production years plus the next two years, the company’s competitive strategy as well as production strategy, finance strategy and dividend policy. Also discussed is a look at the company’s closest competitors and the actions that could be taken to out-compete these companies. In conclusion, stated are the “lessons learned” about crafting a winning strategy for a company to be financially and competitively successful in a hear-to-head battle against shrewdly-managed rival companies. According to the information provided by the Player’s Guide, operations and production information provided on the end of Year 10 shows Elite Feet “currently produces footwear at 2 plants – a 2 million–pair plant in North America and a newer 4 million-pair plant in Asia. Both plants can be operated at overtime to boost annual capacity by 20%, thus giving the company a current annual capacity of 7,200,000 pairs. Sales volume in Year 10 equaled 5.2 million pairs. At management’s direction, the company’s design staff can come up with more footwear models, new features, and stylish new designs to keep the product line fresh and in keeping with the latest fashion. The company markets its brand of athletic footwear to footwear retailers worldwide and to individual buying online at the company’s Web site. In Year 10 the company sold 4.5 million pairs of branded shoes to retailers and...

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