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Business Strategy Nestle Presentation

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Attention: Is a long msg….MUST read all cos is important ><
Hey guys, let’s discuss about Mr.Wilson group assignment…During this weekend,if free, hope u guys can see through about Nestle and may give some idea about our presentation & essay outline^^ Below is just my opinion of our outline & I don’t is correct onot?????….I hope u guys may make changes to improve it^^
This is the question: Drawing on a specific organization or industry, provide a case study to explore the extent to which international companies adapt to local needs.
Basically is about CULTURE.
So, We are choosing Nestle…we need to write 1k summary of our Case study & Case study is an in-depth analysis about our company.
This is the evaluation that Mr.Wilson need us to do in our 1k words & presentation. 1. Introduction: Setting out the main points & Clearly Identify the company & industry
(This part-Write about the business nature of Nestle, Company background,mission/vision Organizational Culture/values using Harrison’s Typology whether is task culture or power culture or etc & our overall discussion about they are facing cross-cultural issue & challenges) (This part mainly will start 1st during presentation & got responsible to edit whole 1k text & do references=P) (Me????) 2. Critical analysis of the key issues & challenges & 3. Use of relevant theory and framework from literature to support
(Refer back to No.1, the issue may be is their cross-cultural customer & employee??? And what more?)(I cant think of any><) a) So 1person discuss on Customer: This part discuss deeply on ‘what customer culture issue they facing’, ‘why’, ‘other challenge’, ‘how Nestle had done / will adapt to the local needs’,‘internationalisation vs globalisation?’ & etc points as well as must use theory.

b) Another discus on...

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