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Business Strategy with Military Strategy


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Exercise 1A: Compare Business Strategy with Military Strategy

Ranking the nine military maxims:

1= most important
9= least important

Top 9 Maxims:

9= Simplicity-prepare clear, uncomplicated plans and clear, concise orders to ensure thorough understanding Plans are important. Strategic management relies on strategies that are first formulated, implemented and than evaluated for success. This is the most important.

8= Objective- direct every military operation towards a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective After plans are formulated in a general scope, now objectives or goals are also formulated in order for it to be implemented and achieved.

7= Unity of Command-for every objective, ensure unity of effort under the responsible commander In business, we have organizational structure. Strategic plans are executed by certain people with duties such as management and employees. Without this type of structure, there is no way of directing the path of success.

6=Offensive-seize, retain, and exploit the initiative At this point, strategy can now be implemented after planning.

5= Maneuver-place the enemy in a disadvantageous position through the flexible application of combat power. Part of implementing strategies, placing competitors in a disadvantage by having “competitive advantage”

4= Mass-concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time Also, part of strategy implementation, deciding when to execute goals at a certain time can be important.

3= Security-never permit the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage For a competitor to acquire an “unexpected advantage” is impossible to predict or prepare for.

2= Economy of Force-allocate minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts This is not as important because in business everything results better when

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