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1. Introduction

Multiculturalism refers to communities containing various attitudes and behaviour that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization.

According to (Immigration and Multiculturalism, n.d.), Australia is a country of migrants, originally from United Kingdom, which more than the path of two hundred years, displaced an original inhabitant and founded a liberal-democratic state. In the early days, Australians were disturbed by the subject of 'ethnicity'.

For over fifty years, part of Australia ‘cultural issue' has been solved by implementing a rule of elimination. Australia changes their approach and at last discarded it in the late 1960s to enlarge its people after World War 2. From this environment, acceptance of a 'cultural diversity' guiding principle in 1970s was a past removal of the preceding procedure. Within the fundamental nature, cultural diversity not only evidenced and showed the growing multiculturalism of the country but as well as to hold and form it.

Therefore, definition of “Multiculturalism promotes the integration of ethnic acceptance and respect for cultural diversity, community harmony and inclusion.” is true.

Skilled labour is any worker who has acquired certain skill in their job or may have attended a college or technical school. An example of a skilled labour job is carpenters.

Unskilled worker is a worker who has not acquired special skill or proficiency.

If there is a shortage of migrant skills, the immigration restores the difference among labour supply and demand with no affect on local pay (Shah & Burke, 2005). The purpose of this report provides the reader a better understanding on the impact of multicultural environment to business communication practices in Australia.

The outlines of this report are the three factors that affect the migrants settling in Australia that is economic,…...

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