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Business Subsidiary Diploma

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Ladislav Kaleja
56 Arundel Place, Cardiff, CF118HB
Mobile: 07778222071
Key Skills
· Achievement I have substantial achievement experience. In work teams I am very focused on encouraging the team to hit our targets. Comfortable in pressured working environments, even during the busy lunch time rush I always managed to meet our target to serve customers quickest I can.
· Numerical skills I have substantial numerical skills experience. Used numeracy skills in the warehouse to accurately weigh and pack customer orders. Used the company pricing list to respond to customer enquiries and calculate the cost of orders.
· Physical Fitness As a member of the football club I am very fit which means I can do physically demanding work. Also I use to go to gym to make my body more powerful.
· Problem Solving I like to get things be solve on time. If there is some problem in work I use to go and solve it with a manager of company. Don't wait for anything. Just making sure everything is alright.
· Team Work I have substantial team work experience. In my voluntary work I cooperate with others in the team in order to get things done. I was a member of the Cardiff City Kids team which meant supporting the others to make sure we all played to a high standard.
Employment History
2013-2014 Dec Waiter - Work involved working in restaurant. Giving foods and drinks to customers and giving change to them. Asking for customer needs. - Ensured all work was completed on time and to high standart.
Education and Qualifications
From 2014 Sep Cardiff and Vale Colege BTEC Level 2 First...

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