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Introduction 1

Aims 1

Assessment objectives 1

The scheme of assessment 2

Syllabus content

Paper 1: Part One:
Section A – The Nature of Law 3
Section B – The Effect of Law on the Individual 3

Paper 1: Part Two:
Section C – The Sources of Law 3
Section D – Law Enforcement and Administration 4

Paper 2:
Section A – The Market: the transfer of goods or the rendering of 4 services for cash or on credit terms.
Section B – The Workplace: the legal relationship between 4 employers and employees.
Section C – The Family: the family relationship arising from 5 marriage or cohabitation.
Section D – The Criminal Offender: the essential nature of criminal 5 liability and the study of particular crimes.
Section E – The Individual; civil liberties and rights under private law. 5

General Marking Bands 6

Textbooks 8

Contact details 10

Advanced Level Law 9345

This subject may be taken at the May/June examination only.


This syllabus provides a satisfying course for those who will end their study of Law at this stage, and lays a secure foundation for those who will continue their studies in this or related subjects. It enables candidates to develop a knowledge and understanding of legal rules and institutions and an appreciation of the function of law in society. It also encourages candidates to develop the skills necessary to appraise and criticise the application of legal principles across different branches of law.


The syllabus aims to:

1. provide a sound understanding of the nature of law.

2. give an appreciation of the role of law in society.

3. demonstrate...

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