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Q3 Ans. Martha has chosen women as its target market but Martha has to consider whether the woman is the decision maker when it comes to home improvement items like mousetraps. Martha could try targeting males. The men who see it as their role/duty to deal with pest control in the home thus protecting the women from the gruesome nature that is usually involves in the process. In the case of Trap-Ease the mouse maybe trap alive in the trap and women may not want to deal with that aspect but the man may have no problem of disposing the trap with a live mouse. Businesses such as offices and warehouses are another option Martha may wish to consider. Business owners who need to safeguard their supplies and equipment can well be served by the Trap-Ease. Martha should appeal to these people showing them the benefit of using the Trap-Ease instead of poison or the traditional mousetrap. One of the benefit is when poison is used the mice may end up dead anywhere and stink up the office environment before it is found whereas the Trap-Ease you would know exactly where you place it and can dispose of it in a timely manner. The food service industry such as restaurant, canteens is yet another market Martha can target. The food service industry has to maintain certain health standards one of which is maintaining a pest free Environment. Martha can show them the benefit of using the Trap-Ease to achieve these standards thus better serving their customers and at the same time protect their food supplies, ingredients and their business from being infected by mice. Pest control companies would make a great target market for Martha. These companies specialize in finding solutions for their customers and Martha needs to convince them that Trap-Ease would be a great product for their clients. Since a rancher invented the Trap-Ease, ranchers could be a target market because it seems...

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