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Put a tick () in the Category and Component which you have achieved. Describe in a one-page report the skill that you have attained. |

Part C:Career-Focused Seminars/Workshops (ECA10C – Employment Relation Office) | | a) Career preparation workshops | | b) Resume writing | | c) Job interview skills | | d) Mock Interview | | e) Dress Smart as a habit for your career | | f) Grooming for Success | | g) Presentation skills to impress employers | | h) Writing a business proposal | | i) Team workshop | | j) Image building for Self-confidence | | k) Self-financial planning | | l) Optimize learning in First year career | | m) Relations with Employer | |

The speaker was Dato Gan Ah Tee who is a managing partner of BDO in Malaysia, | is one of the World's 5th largest professional services network and Also is the | Regional Senior Partner for Asia Pacific Region ‘C’ (ASEAN) of BDO. Dato’s drive | since his early age has seen him rise quickly to the top. Prior to his appointment to the | board of BDO, Dato’ Gan was the Managing Director of the Financial Advisory Services | Department at one of the Big 5 accounting firms. With over 30 years’ experience in, | auditing, accounting and financial advisory, Dato’ Gan specialises in corporate | turnaround and financial restructuring of under- performing companies, and has | extensive experience in the field of corporate finance and advisory assignments. | For his successful in his career life, he own his 8 guiding principles in his life, | The first one, is the adopt a “practical” approach with inherent Common Sense, second, | Always be conscious of a “Nasi sudah Jadi Bubur” situation, third, don’t be too quick | In proposing a “hair cut”

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