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Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws » Customs Duty, basics, types and calculations

Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws
Updates on Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws

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Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws » Customs Duty, basics, types and calculations

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Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws » Customs Duty, basics, types and calculations


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Indian Taxation and Corporate Laws » Customs Duty, basics, types and calculations

Customs Duty, basics, types and calculations
Calculation of customs duty payable is as follows, w.e.f. 17-32012 Seq. Duty Description (A) Assessable Value Rs (B) Basic Customs Duty (C) Sub-Total for calculating CVD ‘(A+B)’ (D) CVD ‘C’ x excise duty rate (E) Sub-total for edu cess on customs ‘B+D (F) Edu Cess of Customs – 2% of ‘E’ (G) SAH Education Cess of Customs – 1% of ‘E’ (H) Sub-total for Spl CVD ‘C+D+F+G (I) Special CVD u/s 3(5) – 4% of ‘H’ (J) Total Duty (M) Total duty rounded to -

Duty % Amount 10 12 2 1 4 Rs. 1,000 100.00 1,100.00 132.00 232.00 4.64 2.32 1,238.96 49.56

Total Duty 100.00 132.00 4.64 2.32 49.56 288.52 289

Notes – Buyer who is manufacturer, is eligible to avail Cenvat Credit of D and I above. A buyer, who is service provider, is eligible to avail Cenvat Credit of D above. . A trader who sells imported goods in India after charging Vat/sales tax can get refund of Special CVD of 4% i.e....

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