Business Unions

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2. If Unionization appears to be coming up, actions to be taken in order for the process to run smoothly and not cause a huge conflict between the employees and management. One of the main actions to take is to communicate in a professional manner with all of the associates. In the article, the supervisors have casually encouraged workers to give up the idea of forming a union. By doing so, all they are doing is creating an even bigger problem showing their employees that they don’t want to work something out with them. The first step to these meetings is to take initiative in advising all the employees what has happened with the company, changes they will be taking affect, and decisions they can make whether to stay or leave. To most people it will be shocking but at the same time it has been discussed with them in a professional matter rather than informally advised to employees. Some of the employees might agree to stay and work for the company while others will take immediate action to try and stop it or let other individuals know what the company is willing to offer before they choose to stay and work, or leave. A strike could prevail if they have false information against them. When business continues during a strike, the company claims the right to prevent people who do not support a strike from exercising their voluntary exchange rights with strike targets. Meaning, this information will be excluded to employees and those who plan not to stay with the company.
The case study indicates, most of the operating staff is unhappy with the increased workload with no pay, and having health benefits drop but have an increase with the fee to have it, this causes a major disappointment because of the administration’s failure of responding to their complaints. In my eyes, the best way to resolve this issue and preventing any type of unionization is to…...