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What we really look to celebrities for today is the reassuring moral tale. `Oh look, he just got $10 million for his new movie--but his wife is leaving him.' `She's so famous, everybody loves her; too bad she drinks.' There's a booming industry now in proving celebrities can be just as miserable as the rest of us" (Neimark). Jill Neimark describes fame right to the point. On one hand a celebrity has fame and fortune but along on the other hand comes the negative aspects. Celebrities do have the status to motivate people, the money to look stunning, and the wealth to make change in the world. However, their lives are less then perfect, and this price of fame is shown through the stress, depression, substance abuse, rumors, continuos media scrutiny, and the inability to enjoy a normal, private life. Celebrity's lives show society that what...

Most people dream of fame and fortune, at least when they are young. When we are chil¬dren, the sky is the limit to our dreams. We dream of becoming a famous athlete, a movie star, governor of our state, or maybe even President of the United States. There is nothing wrong with such dreams. All of today’s superstars were once small children with big dreams, and some of to¬day’s children who are having such dreams will eventually have their dreams come true.
As we grow up and grow older, most of us begin to narrow down our range of dreams to things we feel are realistic for us, but we dare not underestimate our abilities or sell ourselves short. And whatever we ultimately become, we can aspire to be good at what we do. Most people do not want to end up just being an ordinary or common person but, in a sense, that is what most of us are, and we can be proud of what and who we are no matter what our station in life. I have always liked Lincoln’s quote about God loving the common man, because I believe that it is...

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