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Have you ever seen a commercial of a product that makes you squeal; you sort of miss the product they are actually advertizing? That is what happens when you watch the new GEICO Insurance commercial seen on Television and internet Yes, the one that has the little white pig in the back seat of the SUV and he is holding a pair of pinwheels and he is making this horrible noise that I believe it should be singing. It can be found at the following web site: The product is GEICO car insurance. GEICO uses a variety of mass communication from flyers, bulk mail, news paper, radio, television to internet. Even thought their commercials are usually around the Gecko (Lizard) which today is their trademark in the world of insurance. Are they trying to change to the pig that squeals instead of the gecko? Yes, it can be fun once it’s seen the first time but then it becomes annoying. GEICO Insurance not only offers a variety of insurance coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, houses, etcetera. It is said that it is one of the least expensive ones in the market and that it only takes “15 minutes” to change over and “save 15%”. GEICO’s advertising is everywhere in the mass media, sometimes too much of it and all at once. Also, why use the Pig now? What happen with word of mouth advertizing? Gallo (2009) indicated the only 40% of communication is verbal and the majority of communication takes place nonverbally, which is why technology should facilitate, not replace, face-to-face conversation. First, the need to know the audience that the advertizing is intended for (target population) is the key when preparing a commercial for mass media. Is the population for adults from the age of 18 to 99? Or is it for automobile and home owners between the ages of 18 to 70? Also, is the demographic area...

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