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Establishing brands

The company is highly recognised because of its brand names within the video gaming industry operating in a worldwide marketplace. Since 1977 the corporation has been managing the video game console with colour television games and it’s the oldest company within the gaming industry. Nintendo is the largest manufacturing console in the world and the portable console market leader, Nintendo Entertainment System; Super Nintendo Entertainment System; Nintendo 64; GameCube; Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Wii and Nintendo 3DS had been released and it’s planning on releasing Wii U.

The Nintendo DS series, Wii hardware and Nintendo 3DS global sales were 17.5 million units,15.1 million and 3.6 million units in FY2011 also the global sales of Nintendo DS series, Wii software and Nintendo 3DS units were 121 million, 171.3 million and 9.4 million units in FY2011. However the Nintendo DS series units in FY2010 has increase from 114 million to 139 million in FY2011 while in FY2010 the Wii enhance from 79 million to 103 millions in FY2011. Moreover in FY2011 Nintendo 3DS had 2 million retailers.

Geographical and diversification products decreases the business threat

The company has various geographical presences. The company operates in America, Japan and Europe. Their manufacturing plant is situated in Japan as it’s operating through subsidiaries in various countries including Canada, US, France etc. Moreover the worldwide presence enables the company to valve the market across the world. The corporation obtains the revenue of 39.3% from the US, 16.6% in Japan and 44.2% in the other countries.…...