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Capt. Patrick Bishop
Capt. Casey Martin
Capt. Michael Hoerber
1st Lt. Jennifer Menser
Ms. Susan Leonard
Public Affairs Guidance Exercise
PAQC 020-13 / Section 1B
4 Feb 2013


Subject: Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PAG) – Joint Task Force Wolverine (U).

1. References: Ref A, DOD Message R 211700 OCT 02, Subject: Supplementary guidance for proposed public affair guidance (PPAG). Ref B, Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 5405.3 Development of Proposed Public Affairs Guidance (PPAG). Ref C, PAQC Phase 2 Overview 150930 SEP 12. Ref D, USCENTCOM Warning Order for JTF Wolverine OEF Rotation, DTG 310930 JAN 13

2. Background: IAW Ref D, As part of the ongoing support of the Afghan Government and in order to maintain effective troop levels in theater, Combined Joint Task Force – 1 (CJTF-1) will be redeployed to home station and replaced by selected elements of Joint Task Force (JTF) Wolverine. This transfer of authority involves several combat brigades, headquarters elements, combat support and combat service support units, approximately 46,000 service members. The scheduled rotation for these forces will begin within the next few months. This rotation marks a return to 2009 troop levels before the increase initiated by President Obama raised the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to over 100,000. Once this rotation is complete, about 68,000 troops will remain in the country. This level of commitment demonstrates continued U.S. support to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, yet it is flexible and adaptable in order to meet the evolving requirements for the successful completion of the mission in Afghanistan. Upon deployment, JTF Wolverine will be re-designated as Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) Eagle Fury.

3. Purpose: This message provides public affairs guidance for military forces assigned to CJTF-1 and JTF Wolverine involved in theater security operations as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. This document contains a statement, talking points and anticipated questions and answers for responses to public or media queries. Request OASD PA approval NLT 8 Feb 2013.

4. PA approach: The Public Affairs posture is passive for the deployment of elements of JFT Wolverine the PAG is for respond to query (RTQ) only. No action is taken at this time to generate media and/or public interest in or activity beyond answering specific inquiries. DoD will make initial public announcement and press release. The public affairs posture will then become active. Within 12 hours of the DoD press release JTF Wolverine will produce and disseminate through all means a press release targeting to affected communities.

5. Statement for public release.
Joint Task Force Wolverine units will re-deploy to Afghanistan in the near future to continue combat operations that provide a secure and stable environment overseas. The following statement is provided for use following the beginning of operations. “The Department of Defense announced the major units scheduled to deploy as part of the next Operation Enduring Freedom rotation. This announcement will involve several combat brigades, headquarters elements, combat support and combat service support units, as presently envisioned”.

6. Questions and Answers (Q&As).

Q1. What is JTF Wolverine’s mission in Afghanistan?
A2. We will conduct counter-insurgency operations with the Afghan National Security Force to neutralize the enemy and safeguard the people. We are committed to providing a secure and stable environment for the people of Afghanistan.

Q2. How long is the deployment?
A2. The deployment will be approximately 9-12 months. We are proud to be participating in this mission to help alleviate pain and suffering in Afghanistan.

Q3. Isn’t this another example of the U.S. meddling in the internal affairs of the Middle East?
A3. The protection of Afghanistan is vital to the development and security of global commerce. Joint Task Force efforts are part of a larger regional and international response at the request of the government of Afghanistan for assistance.

Q4. Is the U.S. still on schedule to turn Afghanistan back over to the Afghans by 2014?
A4. Yes, the U.S. plans to transition security to the Afghans by 2014. Until, then, we are committed to helping Afghans secure their own country and we have complete confidence they will be able to successfully do that. Afghan security forces are preparing to assume the lead for security in their country and have already taken the lead in some places, such as Kabul and Panshir.

Q5. Do leaders in your task force believe that the U.S. will actually be able to turn Afghanistan back over to the Afghans by 2014?
Q5. Yes, we think the U.S. will be able to transition security to the Afghans by 2014. Until, then, we are committed to helping Afghans secure their own country and we believe the Afghans will be able to successfully do that after 2014 based on what we have seen. Afghan security forces have already taken the lead in some places, such as Kabul and Panshir.

Q6. The Afghans have received aid and assistance from the U.S. and other countries for more than a decade. Why do you believe the Afghans will be able to run their own country after the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan?
A6. Afghan security forces are preparing to assume the lead for security in their country and in some places, such as Kabul and Panshir, they have already done that. We have complete confidence the Afghans will be able to secure their own country based on what they have already accomplished.

Q7. Are service members given time to take care of legal issues like transferring power of attorney? The train up schedule looks very hectic.
A7. All service members will be given the opportunity to consult with the SJA during the scheduled SRP and complete all legal issues.

Q8. How will families remain in contact with their service members while they are deployed?
A8. Family Readiness Groups are part of all units and are provided every possible resource to support their deployed family member.

Q9. Will commanders force a service member to deploy if they have a mission essential job but they are not medically qualified?
A9. All service members will be provided proper medical services and only those who are completely qualified will deploy, regardless of essential skill sets.

Q10. If a service member is a single parent, how can they deploy if they don’t have an approved Family Care Plan?
A10. These service members will be identified during their appropriate SRP and will work with their supervisors, SJA and personnel managers. Families will be supported and taken care of before they are separated without a plan.

7. Miscellaneous information:

7.1. Key messages and talking points:

7.1.1. Key messages: We are committed to providing a secure and stable environment for the people of Afghanistan.

a. We are working in partnership with the Afghan government and partner nations to defeat Al-Qaida and eliminate terrorist safe havens.

b. We will conduct counter-insurgency operations with the Afghan National Security Force to neutralize the enemy and safeguard the people. We are committed to helping Afghans secure their own country and have complete confidence they will be able to successfully do that. Service members and families are personally prepared to execute a deployment in support of CJTF Eagle Fury.

7.1.2. Talking Points We are helping the Afghans develop capable, strong and legitimate Afghan National Security Forces so they will be successful when we transition the lead on securing their country over to them. Afghan security forces are preparing to assume the lead for security in their country and have already taken the lead in some places, such as Kabul and Panshir. Legal and administrative issues will be taken care of during SRP to ensure families are prepared while their service member is deployed. Service members that deploy will be medically fit to deploy or released back to their originating duty station.

7.2. Command relationships: US Central Command is the supported command. All other commands, services and agencies are supporting commands.

7.3 Media Operations Centers: CJTF Eagle Fury J6 (Communications) will establish a joint media operations center with a U.S. Navy O-6 director. A service unique public affairs officer will report to the director and serve as a principle point of contact for service specific media operations. In general, the composition will be: U.S. Army desk (O-4 and E-6/E-7), U.S. Navy/Marine desk (USN O-4/O-5, and USMC E-5/ E-6), U.S. Air Force desk (O-4 and E-5/E-7). The functions of the center will include coordination of all exercise media and/or PA activities, clearance of U.S. military-generated news material before release, production of news material for release, and the escort of accredited news media representatives.

7.4 Media coverage: Media coverage is encouraged. Units are requested to provide copies of any media coverage to Joint Task Force Wolverine public affairs.

7.5 DoD National Media Pool: N/A

7.6 Internal media and audiovisual coverage: Internal information stories are encouraged, during the deployment, and upon redeployment. Units are encouraged to provide internal coverage and obtain audiovisual coverage of their operations using organic resources. Combat Camera resources may be employed during operations. Still and video imagery produced in support of this operation must be forwarded to the DoD Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC) at the earliest opportunity and by the quickest available means to support PA and Joint Staff imagery requirements. Questions regarding imagery transmission should be addressed to JTF Wolverine at COMM 678-421-6776, DSN 225-7668, or by e-mail at or

7.7 Miscellaneous Considerations: NONE
8. POCs. If there is a need for additional information please contact any of the following individuals:
CPT Pat Bishop
PAO Director of Operations
Phone: 678-421-6776
Capt. Mike Hoerber
PAO Senior Air Force Liaison
Phone: 678-421-6820
Email: mhoerber@
CPT Casey Martin
PAO Training Chief
Phone: 678-421-6741
Email: cmartin@
1st Lt Jennifer Menser
Project ManagerPhone: 678-421-6628
Email: jmenser@
Mrs. Susan Leonard
Media Relations Director
Phone: 678-421-6629
Email: sleonard@

9. Declassification Instructions: Unclassified-NA

Approved: TBD

Public Affairs Officer
JTF Wolverine


PAG – ISAF Transfer of Authority, RC-E Afghanistan (U).

Attachment 1

Ground Rules Agreement

The following is a listing of ground rules which have been developed to protect members of the Armed Services from the release of information which could potentially threaten their security or safety during ongoing operations.
These ground rules recognize the inherent Constitutional right of the media to cover military operations and are in no way intended to prevent release of derogatory, embarrassing, negative or non-complimentary information. During an operation or exercise, specific information on friendly force troop movements, tactical deployments, and dispositions that would jeopardize operational security or lives will not be released. This would include unit designations, names of operations, and size of friendly forces involved, until released by USCENTCOM or its designated release authority. Acceptance of these ground rules is an agreement between you and the granting commands. You agree to follow the ground rules and the command will provide support, access to military members, information and other privileges.

Violation of ground rules, however, may result in the revocation of your credentials.

News media personnel must carry and support any personal and professional gear they take with them, including protective cases for professional equipment, batteries, cables, converters, etc. Media members should be physically fit and prepared to withstand the rigorous conditions required to operate in a desert environment.

1. All interviews with soldiers will be on the record. Security at the interview source is the policy. Interviews with pilots and aircrew members are authorized upon completion of missions; however, release of information must conform to media ground rules.

2. Print or broadcast stories will be datelined by general geographical description such as northern Arabian Peninsula, Northern Arabian Gulf, etc. No specific locations will be used when filing stories.

3. Because of host-nation requirements, media must stay with public affairs escorts while on host nation bases. At other U.S. tactical or field locations and encampments, a public affairs escort may be required because of security, safety, and mission requirements as determined by the host commander. Media will remain with military escorts at all times, until released, and follow instructions regarding their activities.

4. Media will not carry personal weapons.

5. The following categories of information are not releasable since their publication or broadcast could jeopardize operations and endanger lives.

a. For U.S. or coalition units, specific numerical information on troop strength, equipment or critical supplies (e.g. artillery, tanks, landing craft, radars, trucks, water, etc.).

b. Specific number of aircraft in units below wing level, or identification of mission aircraft points of origin, other than land or carrier based. Number and type of aircraft may be described in very general terms such as "large flight", "small flight", "many", "few", "fighters", "fixed wing", etc.

c. Names of military installations or specific geographic locations of military units in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility, unless specifically released by the Department of Defense.

d. Information regarding future operations, current operations or strikes including postponed or cancelled operations, or information regarding security precautions at military installations or encampments.

e. Photography that would show level of security at military installations or encampments, especially aerial and satellite photography which would reveal the name or specific location of military units or installations.

f. Details of rules of engagement.

g. Information on intelligence collection activities including targets, methods and results.

h. Information on special operations units, unique operations methodology or tactics, for example, air operations, angles of attack, and speeds; naval tactical or evasive maneuvers, etc. General terms such as "low" or "fast" may be used.

i. Information on effectiveness of enemy electronic warfare.

j. Information on effectiveness of enemy camouflage and cover.

k. Additional guidelines may be necessary to protect tactical security.

6. The following categories of information are releasable.

a. Arrival of U.S. military units in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility when officially announced; mode of travel (sea or air), dates of departure, and home station.

b. Approximate friendly force strength figures.

c. Non-sensitive, unclassified information regarding U.S. air, ground, and sea operations, past and present.

d. Size of friendly force participating in an action or operation will be disclosed using general terms such as "multi-battalion." Specific force or unit identification may be released when it no longer warrants security protection.

e. Generic description of origin of air operations, such as "land-based."

f. Date, time or location of previous conventional military missions and actions as well as mission results.

g. Types of ordnance expended in general terms.

h. Number of aerial combat or reconnaissance missions or sorties flown in USCENTCOM's area of operation.

i. Type of forces involved (e.g., air defense, infantry, armor, Marines).

j. Weather and climate conditions.

k. Allied participation by type of operation (ships, aircraft, ground units, etc.) after approval of host nation government.

l. Conventional operation code names.

m. Names and hometowns of U.S. military units or individuals.

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...Hotdog Franchisee Business Growth Our business plan to create and grow a large, international hotdog restaurant chain to be offered and consumed around the world, using a Franchisor licence. We aim to follow the guidance of the food chain system of McDonald’s, due to seeing them attract many customers due to their superb business system all around the world, providing their services and products consistently with no fail as well retaining a great level of customer service. Put simply we want to franchise a worldwide business providing a special ingredient of hotdogs with the franchise business system of McDonald’s. To insure the right growth in our business, we will have to keep insuring that all company based objectives are being met, as well as improve our communication of the business as a whole, internally and externally. Internal meaning our staff grow and develop each of their skills day by day through day to day training and external meaning that they are able to gain exposure and awareness or our service to our consumers, this referring to sales and marketing of course. In ways of marketing, we will have to grow our business to appeal to young people, ranging from teenagers to young adults, by raising its awareness on social media and advertising campaigns through networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Wongnai etc. Since we aim to start our business in Thailand then to expand it to other countries in ASEAN, it is smart that we adapt the customer demand and......

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