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A local business whose services I use on a regular basis is a privately owned gym that is not far from my house. The business commerce for the local gym is a busy one. Clients will trade their cash for the services of using the workout equipment, getting healthy food and beverages, and/or taking aerobics, Pilates, or an abdominal class. The business occupation consists of a group of employees that are skilled in training clients, serving clients healthy food and beverages, and performing several different aspects of customer service within the company. The personal trainers have a specialization skill of working with each client on a personal level, so each session with each client is different. It takes quite a bit of school and outside training to learn this skill. Each of the employees also seem to know the in and outs of the back-end business (managing customers and orders, cashiering, and working the register and computer, and etc.) in order to keep moving operations along conveniently and effectively. This is an organized business that uses an effective method to ensure all employees work together for the goal of profitability. The owner oversees the leasing, higher level business aspects, and the property of the gym. Next, the gym managers and trainers oversee the day to day business operations and the managing of any lower level employees. Finally, there are seasonal or part-time workers that run the food bar or computers, or help out the employees who are full time during peak seasons, such as New...

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