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Businesss Ethics

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Marie J.Lucel
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April 01 , 2013

The Importance of Business Ethics in International Businesses
Keywords: Business ethics, corruption, human rights, conducts employment practices, environmental regulations, conflicts of interests, General Policy and Procedures, and moral obligation of the multinational organization.
Businesses are faced with very real ethical dilemmas where the appropriate course of action is not really clear. Some of these are the ethical obligations of a multinational corporation toward their employment conditions, human rights, environmental pollution .Understanding the nature of ethical problems and deciding what actions to pursue when confronted with .Ethical problems frequently occur in International Business. Basic human rights are not accepted in international business, which include freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of political repression and so on.
In international corruption is so widespread in some countries that politicians and bureaucrats regard it as a benefit of office and openly as break laws against corruption. Corruption is seen and treated as illegal, and when discovered, violators are punished by the full extent of the law. In some countries their property rights have always been violated by public officials, such as politicians and government members extracting income, resources or their properties from them. The concept of social responsibility refers to the idea that business people should consider the social consequences of economic activities when making business decisions and there should be both respectable social...

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