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Busn115 Week3 Assignment

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Scenario: - To open a Lemonade Stand in your local neighborhood.
Its summer time and the most important thing in hot weather is the need to quench your thirst. What is a better drink then a refreshing Lemonade. Since long I was very much interested in opening a lemonade stand, which I finally decided to have it implemented before the summer season starts. After a lot of research and hard work I have come up with a business model that would work efficiently in generating revenue and also help local community.
The brand name that I came up with is a catchy and trendy word which I think represents the product and justifies the product’s need in hot season. The brand name would be “GO-COOL” Real Lemonade. People find different reasons to stay cool in harsh summer season. One way of staying cool is keeping the body hydrated. Providing consumer a refreshing drink will give them a reason to come back and with the easy brand name they would never forget the product. With future expansion plans like franchising in other countries the name would be universally accepted.
Mission statement:-
At “GO-COOL” Real Lemonade, we embrace the simplicity of Lemonade— Lemon, Water and Sugar. Our goal is to create a product in which the true taste of the Lemons come through.
“GO-COOL. We will strive to live up to the expectation of the consumer to provide them the best of the nature to give them the feel of cool nature. We will work hard and will be honest whether working with the growers, suppliers, answering customer’s questions or trying to live a lighter community footprint.
CSR Plans:-
I also plan to give back to the community as much as I can. My initial plan includes giving back 10% of my profit to shelter for homeless people, which will help provide them the basic need of life, like food, shelter and medicine. I am also planning to increase...

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