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Organizational Planning
Mayra Aida Arzac Perez
MGT 521
November 1, 2013
Rob Chell

Organizational Planning
For more than a century AT&T has been providing consumers with the ability to “connect people with their world” (AT&T website). AT&T provides consumers with a variety of different products and services that providing competitive edge. AT&T ability to leverage the brand image has been a strong tool that maintains them in the top spot in the industry. Organizations such as AT&T is consistently planning in order maintain a competitive edge, and also have the ability to respond to environmental changes. Markets are consistently changing and so are competitor, AT&T competitor T-Mobile recently stated that the wanted to change the status-quo and they did just that. In order to plan and prepare for these changes and organizational analysis is important through its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. AT&T is currently in number 11th spot in the fortune 500 ranking, Verizon right behind in 16th place. Their mission is to connect people with their world; everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else (AT&T website). With such ambitious goals and focuses AT&T is always looking for ways to maintain their competitive edge within the industry.

An S.W.O.T analysis will provide the organization with a future view to what potential changes need to be made as well as continue to implement. Using a S.W.O.T analysis paints a picture of the future of the organization. AT&T strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are important factors of the organizations success and maintaining the leading spot in the Telecommunications industry. Strategic and Operational plans are also utilized in order to create a vision and path to the end results the organization would like to meet. AT&T strengths...

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