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How to become a Writer
Whole books have been written on how to become a good writer, from the building block of constructing a good sentence to selling out novels to put them on the bestsellers. Writing is an artful way of communicating human experience. Paul Graham once said “Writing doesn’t communicate ideas; it generates them. If you are bad at writing and don’t like it, you will miss out on the ideas writing would have generated. Writing is an art which communicates what an individual wants to say in a descriptive form, a good writer would leave his/her readers spellbound through their writing. Usually writers are categorized into two categories, those who want to say something and those who write for sake of writing. In both cases if you aspire to be a writer, you are already in camp two, the idea of writing is camp one to start with.
Writing is just like any other discipline in that you won’t get better at it just by thinking about it. The more you write, the better you get at the art of writing and that’s is what makes you a good and effective writer, but for amateurs there are a few guidelines to start with.
Figure out what you want to write
This is the most important and basic step in writing. Writing is a vast field that encompasses different genres, a good point to start would be writing about something you are familiar with and in most cases best writing usually stem forth from something you already have knowledge and passion about. When you translate your passion in form of writing you are able to express yourself cogently. This is what draws the line between an average writer and a good writer, there is no such thing as bad writer but a good writer is synonymous to an effective writer who is able to express his ideas flawlessly in form of writing and writing about your passion can help with that. Take inspiration from what you see, try to think of...

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