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Business Resources
Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation
Documentation is very much required while recruiting personnel. This will be useful for both the parties. Different Organizations deal with different procedures with regard to recruitment documentation. However, the following are some of the important recruitment documents in general used by different organisaitons: i) Offer Letter ii) Appointment Order iii) Physical Fitness Certificate iv) Indemnity Bond v) Cancelled Cheque
All these documents are very much necessary for the both i.e. for Organisations and for the persons to be employed to avoid legal complications which normally affect on the day to day administration of the Company as well as the employees. i) Offer Letter:
Offer letter contains invitation to a person for appoint him/her for a specific post/ position. It also contains Salary, Perks, Position, responsibilities, facilities etc., The following is an offer letter for the post of Staff Accountant to be recruited in the Fischer, Johnson, Zuelke and Company P.A.

ii) Appointment Order :
There are some similarities in Offer Letters and Appointment Letters. But both are different. Once the conditions fulfilled by the candidates (if they agree) either orally or in written, the appointment letter / Order will be issued to the candidate. The model Appointment letter of Institute of Educational Research and Studies Primary Teachers’ Training Institute, Kolkata Company is as follows:

iii) Physical Fitness Certificate :
Now-a-days almost all the organisations are seeking the Physical Fitness Certificate to be produced by the Candidates irrespective of the job for which they apply. There is no specific format for this. Government Organisations will accept only the Certificates given by the Civil Surgeons of the Government

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