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‘The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’.-Socrates .Management and organization is changing. Knowledge in management is very important. Good managers are becoming leaders not bosses, they are using knowledge to build learning organization and stimulates cultural change and innovation. The world is changing, what has been taught in business schools could become no longer relevant in future business word. In the traditional world of work the job of the manager was to control and limit people, seek for stability and productivity, but the way we work is overdue for change. Businesses wants to increase productivity and efficiency, attract the best people with specific skills for the job. Using the new technology companies wants to cut cost and create a greater freedom for their employees. Today, the need to encourage innovation and achieve high productivity, which has different skills, we need to engage employees hearts and minds as well as their work - the need to build trust, inspire commitment, lead changes, harness human creativity and enthusiasm, seek common visions and values sharing information and power. Teamwork, cooperation, participation and learning as guiding principles. Managers need to focus on developing, rather than control. Management is very complex job and requires a whole range of skills. Young people are most innovative and creative and the most suitable to bring new ideas. This is why education is very important in the future development. Managers must seek new challenges and think more widely in order to bring innovations throw the old sceptic barrier. Future managers must motivate, coordinate, lead, communicate and be able to resolve problems. The way managers doing their jobs depends on the future impacts for example rapid transformations in the environment are having a dramatic impact on the...

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