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February 9th – 16th
Written Project

Student: Geritano Pengu
Professor: Kit Batten

Pogradec / Bucimas

Good morning everyone. I am honored that so many people have taken their time to come and listen to my talk”. If I could briefly just introduce myself, I am Geritano Pengu and I’m twenty-six years old. I lived in Rome, Italy for over eight years. My job was as a general manager, and for over two years I managed the club called “Summer DEPO” in Pogradec.
- The topic of my talk is “Summer DEPO” (the club)
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First of all I would like to present an overview of my talk today:
- Firstly I would like to introduce you more into the history of “Summer DEPO”.
- Secondly I would like to say few words about the functions.
- Thirdly I would like to talk about the events and the public relations.
- Fourthly I want to talk about some issues. - Finally I would like to conclude with the closing of “Summer DEPO”.

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I would like to begin with the history of Summer DEPO. “Summer DEPO” was constructed in 2008 in Bucimas Pogradec and it was located in a very beautiful geographic position near the Ohrid Lake. The meaning of the name “Summer DEPO” is very simple, summer because is open only during the summer season and Depo which in English translates as depot.
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I would like to turn briefly to the functions of Summer DEPO. “Summer DEPO” was a private beach during the day which was the landmark for the youth, and four times a week it was just a nightclub with a capacity of 600 people. “Summer DEPO” was one of the most popular clubs in the city and it became popular because of the good service, good music and also because of many popular alcoholic drinks.
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I would like to talk about the events. Every once in a week in “Summer DEPO” I organized a huge event in which famous singers were invited and paid by me to perform live. Everyone that came in Summer Depo when a singer was invited to perform live would pay 5 euro for the entry, and with those money I paid the singers. During the week I also organized fun parties like Foam and Karaoke.

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Regarding to public relations here are two posters of the singers for the huge event that I organized once a week. The structure of the poster was always the same, because only this way when the people would see it they would not get confused.

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Another important point about the public relations was the delivery of free entries in every huge event. The delivery of the free entries was only for the ladies because if there are ladies there will also be more males and that helped me gain more customers. I would like now to present a graph of the public relations. In every event I increased the numbers of free entries and like you can all see because of that I had an increase in the number of the guests as well.
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In addition, I would like to talk about some issues I had to deal with while managing the “Summer Depo”. The bad weather was one of the most stressful issues I had because, if it rained the huge events I had planned before I had to cancel and it was a financial disadvantage for me because I still had to pay the singers. Another issue was the neighbor’s complaints about acoustic pollution. Also, so many times they would call the police because of the loud music, and in this case I had to turn the volume of the music down. Also the energy was a huge issue because the power would go off all the time and the lack of lights it was again a financial disadvantage.
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Let me conclude by saying that “Summer DEPO” was closed in September 2013 because its contract was only for five years. So "Summer Depo" was one of the most popular clubs not only for the people of Pogradec but also for so many tourists from other cities in Albania or other places in the world. I believe that everyone misses it already, just like I do.
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Thank you everyone for listening!

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