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This article relates to Chapter # and topic 1 The Importance of Business Ethics

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1. Choose an article that relates to BUSINESS ETHICS and the chapter(s) of the week. 2. Keep the article length between 1 and 3 pages and with the last SIX months (published after Jan 2009). 3. READ and HIGHLIGHT all key points in your article. 4. Summarize the key points you have highlighted and relate to chapter topic – type your summary on this form. 5. Submit a copy of the article and your completed summary on this form into Moodle no later the day you will present your article in class. 6. Your summary and oral presentation will be evaluated on the following: a. Relevancy to chapter topic; interesting presentation; eye contact; time limit 7. Article summary is to be presented (not just read) to the class (3 to 5 minutes) – there is a penalty for late submissions.

A high school English teacher in Denton, Texas, gave his students an assignment to write about a topic of their choice. One student chooses to write about a gun show. The teacher had threatened to give the student a zero for the writing assignment if he did not change his topic. The student's mother says she disapproved with the teacher's response to her boys’ essay. The teacher said the paper was unacceptable because of his concerns about school violence. The mother said that her son's paper did not mention firing guns that was on his gun show attendance. The mother and other readers want to know if the teacher grades on content, style, or personal feelings? Along, with does an English teacher assigns an essay to measure how a student...

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