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Business Ethics and Employment

Business Ethics and Employment
Every business needs to have moral guidelines that govern its operations. These moral guidelines are referred to as ethics. Businesses have an obligation to behave ethically, that is, doing what is morally right. Behaving ethically in the business environment is widely considered to be a good business practice. Werhane (2015) sums it when she says “being good is good business.” Ethics in business cover almost every aspect of business for example, in finances, in handling customers, in waste disposal and also in staff recruitment. This paper will discuss why discrimination in hiring, retaining and remunerating staff is unethical in business.
Discrimination in the workplace was such a serious and frequent occurrence that the government developed the affirmative action policy. Affirmative action requires that business when hiring recognize the fact that all people to need be accorded equal and full consideration on the basis of their qualifications and merit. Affirmative action was created in order to promote the hiring of individuals in protected groups especially minorities and women (Rowland and Loury, 2010). The policy allows for active measures to be taken in order to avoid the non-discrimination of women and minorities in the work place. Rowland and Loury (2010) explain that affirmative action is the banning of discrimination against disadvantaged people. It requires that equal opportunities be provide to all people in terms of employment irregardless of their color, race, religion, national origin, sex and disability. Why did the government feel it was important to develop an affirmative action policy? For a start, the government realized that there was a lot of discrimination that was going in staff recruitment and in the work place. This was not only wrong but…...

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