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Bussiness Law and Ethics

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In any business there are stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals such as employees, customers, members of the community, and even investors. If someone is affected by a business decision, or if he or she has an interest in the company, then he or she is a stakeholder. Who are the stakeholders of this large company? Joe, District Manager of Computer Operations; Mary, Division Manager—Information Systems; John, President and CEO, the individual who wrote the anonymous letter, the company’s stockholders, customer’s, families of employees, and the community who have an interest or depend of the company for different reasons. What are the interests of the stakeholders? Joe was recently promoted to the position of District Manager of Computer Operations of this company. John is the CEO and received an anonymous letter stating: A recent installed and very expensive computer system does not perform as expected and has not produced the expected results. The computer information system represents a major financial investment by the company. Joe has been aware that the system’s actual performance is like what was described in the anonymous letter. Joe has reported his findings to Mary. Mary tells Joe that John expects a reply to the anonymous letter. Mary wants Joe’s reply to the letter to be a positive statement stating: “The system is performing as projected and that all savings portrayed in the original justification documents are being achieved.” This statement in the letter is important to Mary since she was the original supporter of the system and she has continually provided positive feedback to the CEO no its performance. Joe is upset by this directive since the system has poor performance, and he has reported this to Mary even before the anonymous letter was even written. When Joe approaches Mary about his concerns writing a positive statement Mary fires back to...

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