Butler System

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Butler Systems
Darrell Smith
BUS 612 Advanced Project Procurement
Professor: Dr. Andrew Jackson
October 8, 2012

Butler Systems is a manufacturer of environmental control systems and power conditioning equipment and is a lead supplier of computer support systems and the largest supplier of precision air-conditioning and power protection systems in the world. Butler Systems HD-5 battery is the primary component for emergency supply system (Benton, 2010, p.455).
The HD-5 battery is used in 80 percent of the emergency power supply systems.
The EPS is a backup system designed to prevent glitches and ride out temporary
power outages in computer network systems. The EPS allows for an orderly shutdown from the servers in order to avoid data loss as well as damage to critical current supplier for the HD-S (Benton, 2010, p.455).
Butler Systems buying organization’s role in selecting and qualifying potential suppliers for its battery supplier are conducted through the competitive bidding pricing process. After the best suppliers are identified, a formal negotiation is conducted with at least two suppliers (Benton, 2010, p. 455).
As the VP of operations, assessment of the battery shortage problem will be given to the organization project manager and project sponsor to ensure that the battery shortage problem is resolved in a timely manner. Project manager assignment will be to conduct several focus groups with employees and create a contingency plan. The focus group project manager will discuss what’s working and what’s not working with the battery. Feedback will be given to the project sponsor so that the project sponsor could add additional resources to the project.
As VP of the organization, I would change the contract terms and use that as a contingency plan because another organization may deliver a better…...