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“Lord Lever famously said that half of the money spent on advertising is wasted - but he had no way of knowing which half.”
Studies how the buying decisions take places deep within consumer subconscious minds, that we’re not aware of what is driving them. Buyology study on a journey of shopping discovery on that will put governments on alert and cause upheaval for a multibillion dollar industry whose secret marketing weapon finally has been uncovered.
Study reveals how the consumer brain so significant that it is to psychology what DNAis to molecular biology, provides the explanation sheds light on a wide range of consumer behaviours.
It explains why a simple smile from a salesperson can compel consumer to spend more money, why video games like ‘GuitarHero’ are so popular, and why we’re hard wired to shop until consumer drop. “Why people buy” and “How we come to choose one purchase over another
.if you’ve ever been fascinated by subliminal advertising, if sex really sells or how rituals influence buyer behavior, this book will answer your questions on all those things and more.
What I learned in Buyology:
Warning labels on cigarettes just make people want to smoke more. (page 15)
Sex doesn’t sell, controversy does. (Page 183)
We instinctively copy other people. (Page 53)
Sexy models in ads appeal more to same-sex readers and watchers. (page 191)
People love products that look like babies. (page 31)
Senses influence us more than features. (143)
Rituals and superstitions influence buying decisions. (page 99)
Product placement works only when it’s related to the story. (Page 44)
The lessons are culled from the research project which Lindstrom started in 2004 — and massive it was. The study took nearly three years and cost about $7 million (sponsored by eight multi-nationals). There were multiple experiments with thousands of subjects from all over the world, 200...

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