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Buy Nothing Day Research Paper

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Imagine one day you wake up with an intense craving of a cream cheese bagel from across the street. But then it hits you, that you can not go out and purchase this delicious bagel due to “Buy Nothing Day”, how annoying would that be? Canada has instituted the Buy Nothing Day to reduce consumerism because they believe it has become a problem. On this day, the public is restrained from purchasing any goods from any store, expecting to stop over consumption. However this idea is absolutely absurd. The way in which people choose to use their earnings, has nothing to do with the government. Having a Buy Nothing Day not only affects businesses, but the society in general. Implementing a Buy Nothing Day, would affect thousands of business, homeless …show more content…
For a business, everyday counts because there are various bills small businesses have to pay. The businesses that barely make a profit are already in a struggle, therefore a Buy Nothing Day would make things worse for them. My mom once owned a convenience store where customers would rarely come, making it difficult to make at least some profit. Everything she earned would go to buying more goods, paying the rent, employees, etc. Occasionally, goods such as milk products would go expired because business was that slow. The people that are supporting this Buy Nothing Day are not taking into consideration the struggling businesses that need every day to help them meet up billing payments. Additionally, a Buy Nothing Day would affect the public, specifically the homeless. There are thousands of homeless people across the U.S. that don't have permanent homes. They roam the streets begging for money to buy themselves a meal for the day. They have no home to go to and to cook themselves a homemade meal. Therefore, they rely on store bought food to provide them their breakfast, lunch and dinner. If all stores are forced to be closed for this Buy Nothing day, then these homeless would have no place to purchase their meals. It is evident that by allowing Buy Nothing Day to become an annual event, it would cause businesses and homeless people to experience a negative

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