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Buyer Behavior

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COURSE GUIDE Semester 1 2014
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MKTG 1052 Buyer Behaviour
Singapore Lectures and online support

Dr Kaleel Rahman School of Economics, Finance and Marketing RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

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Visiting lecturers: Dr Kaleel Rahman / Dr. Linda Robinson / Mr. Brian McCauley

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Concentrating on buyers needs is fundamental to the marketing concept. The emphasis of this subject is to look more closely at the buyer, covering the factors effecting: • • • • •

why people make purchase decisions what products (goods and services) people buy how people go about the purchase process the frequency with which people purchase the buying decision process

It is crucial that practitioners are able to usefully apply these buyer behaviour concepts to their marketing programs. The increasing complexity, competitiveness and change in today’s markets require a marketing practitioner to have a thorough understanding of buyer behaviour theories and dynamics if they are to have a competitive edge.

MKTG 1052 BUYER BEHAVIOUR S1 2014 Course Guide


On completion of the course, students will normally be able to:
Learning Outcomes

• •

Develop familiarity with the theories of buyer behaviour in consumer markets. Enhance their abilities to appraise models of consumer behaviour and determine their relevance to particular marketing situations.

Enhance their abilities to input this knowledge in the marketing planning process, particularly in market segmentation, positioning, and marketing mix development.

Understand the impact of on-line technologies and societal changes to marketing


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