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Buzz Driving Is Still Drunk Driving

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Buzz Driving is still Drunk Driving

Buzz Driving is still Drunk Driving When will we come together and realize drinking and driving destroys families? Everyday in America, 28 people die as a result to drunk driving. Each one of those deaths was someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister and each one of those deaths could have been prevented. This is not me sitting here trying to convince you why would should not drink and drive; on the contrary, this is a wake up call America. This epidemic has severe life threatening consequences and could be decreased if we all took steps toward ending this epidemic. Everyday, someone drunk is commuting on the same streets and highways that you and I use; many lives are taken away because of the selfish act of one person. In 2012, 10,322 people died in drunk driving crashes, which came out to one death in every 51 minutes. The average drunk driver is said to drive 87 times drunk before he is ever pulled over with suspicion of drunk driving. About 12% of offenders are convicted of a second offence within 10 years. With statistics like that, you cannot help but to imagine that during every hour of the day, someone is on the roadways who has had too much alcohol to drink. Every year, 900,000 people are arrested for drunk driving and of those 1/3 of those are repeat offenders meaning they are simply going to do it again. Many years ago for example, an individual I knew had been arrested five times for drunk driving. When I asked him why he continued to do it his response was, “They need to raise the legal limit. I wasn’t even drunk; I was just a little buzzed.” The lack of realization some have with regards to drunk driving is incredible. If those statistics are not sending alarm sirens, then perhaps the financial burden will open some eyes. $51 Billion was wasted in alcohol-related...

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