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51. Cleanliness: Every establishment shall be kept clean and free from effluvia arising from any drain, privy or other nuisance, and in particular-
(a) Accumulation of dirt and refuge shall be removed daily by sweeping or by any other effective method from the floors and benches of work-rooms and from staircases and passage and disposed of in a suitable manner;
(b) The floor of every work-room shall be cleaned at least once in every week by washing, using disinfectant where necessary or by some other effective method;
(c) Where the floor is liable to become wet in the course of any manufacturing process to such extent as is capable of being drained, effective means of drainage shall be provided and maintained;
(d) All inside walls and partitions, all ceilings, or tops of rooms, and walls, side and tops or passages and staircases shall-
(i) Where they are painted or varnished, be repainted or re varnished at least once in every three years,
(ii) Where they are painted or varnished and have smooth imperious surface, be cleaned at least once in every fourteenth months, by such methods as may be prescribed.
(iii) In any other case, be kept white-washed or color-washed and the white-washing or color washing shall be carried out at least once in every fourteen months; and
(e) The date on which the processes required by clause (d) are carried out shall be entered in the
Prescribed register.
52. Ventilation and temperature:
(1) Effective and suitable provisions shall be made in every establishment for securing and maintaining in every work-room adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air;
(2) Such temperature as will secure to workers therein reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury to health.
(3) The walls and roofs, as required by sub-section (2), shall be of such material and so designed that…...