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What is a worldview? From what I have learned so far this semester, I have to come to conclude that one’s worldview is the way they perceive the world and is the basis for how that person chooses to live out their life. As our textbook puts it, it is “an understanding of the meaning of the world and our place in it.” One’s worldview affects every decision they make about life whether they realize it or not, but a person’s worldview cannot define what is true about life.
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What is a Biblical worldview? I believe a Biblical worldview is a way of looking at the world using the Bible as your base for everything. In class, we have learned the main things Christians believe to be true about the world. First off, we believe that God IS, meaning He always has been and always will be. We believe as it says in Genesis that in the beginning He spoke and the world came into being. We believe sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden, and that this is what made us unable to be in the presence of our perfect God. We believe Jesus (God’s Son) came to be the ultimate sacrifice when He came as a baby, lived a perfect life, and took our place on the cross so that we do not have to experience separation from God (John 3:16). All we must do is admit we are a sinner and believe in what Jesus did on the cross. We must recognize it is nothing about we have done, but all about what He did. Lastly, we believe the Bible was divinely inspired by God. This means that everything in the Bible is true so we should try our best to live in according to Its teachings. Since I stated above that one’s worldview determines how he/she lives out their life, our lives should reflect Jesus’s love and ultimately bring glory to God. Romans 12:2 says. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by renewal of your mind…” We are supposed to be set apart. Our worldview should make us not want to any way be a part of the world.

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