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By Leaps and Bounds

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By Leaps and Bounds

Technology is a wonderful aide in our society. Having the ability to access information at the stroke of your fingertips is a gift to people. We are able to research on the go, carry multiple books to read in the palm of your hand, and even be able to navigate digitally rather than carry a paper map. There are so many benefits to technology and the advances quickly achieve, in a matter of months! However, like many things in life a good thing can be bad in the wrong hands. As much good technology provides society with by having information in a flash at their fingertips there is the ominous cloud of this same technology gathering information and using it to hurt others. Sharing information has now become dangerous and society must adapt to the ever-changing world of technology and protect them.

One of the major changes seen in government was the adoption of the Patriot Act of 2001. This act pertains to the government being able to access personal information and share it under the covering of protection and security. The Department of Justice states, “The Department of Justice’s first priority is to prevent future terrorist attacks. Since its passage following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Patriot Act has played a key part and often the leading role- in a number of successful operations to protect innocent Americans from the deadly plans of terrorists dedicated to destroying America and our way of life. While the results have been important, in passing the Patriot Act, Congress provided for only modest, incremental changes in the law. Congress simply took existing legal principles and retrofitted them to preserve the lives and liberty of the American people from the challenges posed by a global terrorist network.” The law has now changed to protect the people from terrorists and has the slippery slope of invading the public’s

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