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Introduction to C Program

basic terminologies Describe the steps in program planning & development Describe phases in writing a program Explain the steps in C program planning & development

Basic terminologies
Programming: planning, scheduling or performing a task or an event  Computer Programming: process of planning a sequence of steps for a computer to follow  Computer Program/Program: list of instructions to be performed by a computer or understood by the computer

Steps in Program Planning & Development
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Identification of the problem Problem Analysis Setting up an Algorithm Coding Running, Testing & Debugging

Steps in Program Planning & Development

Identification of the problem knowing what the problem is

Steps in Program Planning & Development
2.Problem Analysis
   

Review the problem & understand carefully what you are asked to do Determine what is given(input) and what result/information must be produced(output) Assign names to each input and output Determine the manner of processing that must be done on the input data to come up with desired output

Steps in Program Planning & Development
3. Setting up an Algorithm Algorithm: a step-by-step process that if followed performs a specific task. This can be described in 2 ways: 1. natural language 2. graphical forms/notations

What Is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is nothing more than a finite list of instructions on how to perform a task. It is analogous to a cooking recipe a chef might use for preparing a food. Specifically, an algorithm has the following properties.

It must result in a finite series of actions.  The sequence of actions has a unique initial action.  Each action in the sequence has a unique successor.  The sequence terminates with either a solution, or a statement that the problem cannot be solved.

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