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C156 Advanced Information Management

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C156 Advanced Information Management– Task 1

A2. Analysis of Technology
Two organizations migrating to a common health information system would need a system that meets current regulatory requirements, meets the needs of the combined organization and their practice environment. The implementation of a common health information system would require an interdisciplinary group of forward thinking innovators, and an interoperable electronic medical record system that includes standard nursing terminology.
The technology needed in this scenario that would make this combination successful consist of network security measures to ensure security of protected health information under the federal requirements of HIPPA and HITECH. The use of emerging technology such as cellphones, tablets and remote technology should also be included in the discussions of creating a telehealth system that would accommodate both of the combining organizations. Telehealth not only includes communication between patients and healthcare providers, but also communication between healthcare providers in both of the combining organizations. Video conferencing can save healthcare providers time and money by allowing them to collaborate with one another without being physically near one another.
A3. Identification of Team
The interdisciplinary team on the project committee will consist of four team members. Team member A would be the project team lead in which I would nominate myself. It is important to have a nurse as project team lead because they understand the needs of the patients, the work flow of the unit and also how the system will affect those working at the point of care. The project lead should be an experienced nurse who is proficient within their specialty of nursing and is comfortable in a leadership role. The role of the project team lead can make the...

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