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C200 Task 1-Shell Outline

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Task 1

A. Describe your chosen organization by doing the following:
1. Describe the organization and its objective(s).

Reflect * Think about the organization you have chosen to write about and describe its purpose. Why does it exist? What are its objectives? What are the vision and mission statements of the organization?

Write * Write one paragraph describing the organization’s background, purpose, vision, and mission * Write one paragraph describing/listing the objectives of the organization

A.1. Harrison Medical Center is a non-profit, community based hospital that serves four counties west of Seattle, Washington. The hospital was founded in 1918 as small community hospital and has grown into the primary care facility for nearly the entire north western quadrant of the state. The concept of a non-profit, community based hospital is that if a local resident needs a procedure or treatment; the funding will be located to provide the needed medical intervention (Charity Care). Their mission statement is “We make a positive difference in people's lives through exceptional healthcare.” Vision statement is “We will be the premier health system in the Pacific Northwest.” (Directors, 2016) citation but no foot note

Harrison must stay medically relevant and financially competitive with other hospital systems to remain the dominate medical partner in the region. To accomplish this, they have to expand their services as well as continuing to provided top notch services to local residents to keep them from traveling to other cities. Customer service plays a much larger role in providing medical care these days and one way Harrison is going to provide is that is by are building an entirely new facility. The building that the main campus currently resides in was originally built in the 1950’s and uses two patients per room model. The new...

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