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C234 Task 1

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Task 1: Workforce Planning, Recruitment, & Selection

Course Code: 234
Student Name: Jared Oldenkamp
Student ID: 000248696
Date: 4/30/16
Student Mentor Name: Sarah Bizzaro

Labor Demand and Labor Supply
According to the memo on proposed employee referral plan, the average age of the current officer is 45 years. A large majority of current officers will be retiring in the near future and need to be replaced.
Another demand affecting the labor pool is internal promotions. One quarter of the current work force will have to be replaced following promotions.
The new mayor has promised to decrease crime and increase patrols in the high crime areas of the city, requiring the addition of many new officers.
According to the memo on proposed employee referral plan, having one of the highest cost of living indexes in the nation has a negative impact on our ability to hire new officers. We have very high property and sales taxes.
The weather in the northeastern United States is very intemperate. The cold, harsh winters and warm summers make it hard to attract candidates.
The tuition fees at local universities are among the highest in the nation. Many young people are attending college out of state where it is cheaper and the cost of living is much lower.
Recruitment Plan/Strategy
1. Increase the number of external and internal applicants to reach the desired 25 new positions accepted by the end of the recruitment period. 2. Reduce turnover rates with the new hires by utilizing the realistic job description of City Police Officer 1 3. Increase the number of qualified referral candidates in order to decrease the time span for job acceptance.

B2a. Step 1 Step 6 Yield Ratio
Military Police 5 3 3/5*100 = 60%
Corrections Officers 9 1 1/9*100 = 11%
Security Officers 14 0 0/14*100 = 0%
Criminal Justice Graduate 10 5 5/10*100...

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