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Cabeza De Vaca Dbq Analysis

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The Expedition for life Traveling across Texas to Mexico City can be hard but, try that on bare feet. Cabeza de Vaca was on the expedition to the New World looking for gold, glory, and God, but failed to make it when the strong currents of the Gulf washed them ashore. How did Cabeza de Vaca survive the trip to Mexico City? Cabeza de Vaca survived because of his wilderness skills, his success as a healer and his respect for the indians. One reason Cabeza de Vaca survived is because of his outstanding wilderness skills. “ The landscape was tough to survive because of the desert, various mountains, the Rio Grande, and many unfriendly indians”(Document A). “ Four rafts shipwrecked on Isle de Malhado November,1528” ( Document A). “ as a slave Cabeza ate what was available, including berries, mollusks, rats, roots, lizards, snakes, and spiders” (Document B). This shows that he was able to live through a shipwreck, and had to live through some pretty tough landscape. He also had to eat what was available, even if that Kent he had to eat horrifyingly discussing things. Another reason Cabeza survived is because of his success as a healer. “...I gave him two stitches. And two days later I removed the two stitches from the Indian and he was healed. And this cure gave us a very great reputation among …show more content…
The main idea of this is that even though Cabeza went through a lot for eight years living with Indians.Traveling through the roughest terrain when you're naked and alone. In my opinion he survived by using his knowledge and making relationships with the Indians. Things like this can happen in the real world ( not as bad ), like when someone move to a new country, they have to get use to the new customs and have to learn the language. It was very interesting learning all about Cabeza de Vaca, and I want to learn more about people more like

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