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Cabeza De Vaca Expedition

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Have you ever struggled with something? It may have been getting a good grade on a test or making the basketball team, but Cabeza de Vaca’s experience was much more difficult. Cabeza was on an expedition to the uncharted lands of the new world. With 300 men and Panfilo de Narvaez, one of the best conquistadors, what could go wrong? They found the answer. Their ship got pushed off course, so they decided to make landfall. With no ships in sight, and little food, Narvaez was clueless about what to do. Only 4 men survived, not including Narvaez. Cabeza was one of them. The goal was no longer riches or colonization, it was survival. In order for Cabeza de Vaca to survive he needed to use wilderness skills, his knowledge of healing, and his respect/trust …show more content…
Cabeza had to deal with thirst. His solution was to store water in hollowed-out horse-legs. Another issue was hunger. When he was captured and being held as a slave, he did not have much to eat. His answer to the problem was eating things like rats, lizards, and snakes. These unique abilities contribute to how he survived.

Another skill that added to his chances of surviving was his advanced knowledge of healing. In Cabeza’s time with the indians, he was brought a man. The man had gotten wounded in battle (Doc. C). The tip of the arrow rested in his shoulder (Doc. C). Cabeza got a knife, cut the man open, and pulled the arrow out (Doc. C).Once the man was healed, Cabeza and his friends got a good reputation throughout the land.

Last but certainly not least, his respect and trust among Natives. Cabeza didn’t have much things to persuade the Indians not to kill him. He decided to use the gift that he always carried with him… his naturally kind personality. After days and months of working, he remained nice to them (Doc. D). This appearance made him hard to hate. Since he decided to “kill ‘em with kindness” he was able to survive in the rough

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