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Why I want to become a registered nurse by FAGOYE

Not unlike many people, I have had my share of challenges during my lifetime. Not unlike many people, I have had many successes as well. And, just as many people, my goals and dreams have changed as the days and years of my life have gone by. I find myself right now working towards one of my long time goals and getting close to the fulfillment of that goal. I would not call it a dream because that is something merely wished for or thought about but not tangible. I am going to become a registered nurse.

Currently, I am completing a degree in public health. That is one of my short term goals. And it is going to be reality very soon. However. I have another, more important, long term goal. I want a career as a public health surveillance nurse. In order to do that, I need to successfully complete a term of study and become a registered nurse. That is what I am concentrating on at this time. It is the next step for me and means so much.

Public health is the art and science of disease prevention, the prolongation of health and life. It is accomplished through the efforts and choices of numerous entities including communities and individuals. But, I believe that by becoming a registered nurse, I can play a crucial role in the health of the public.

Public health, after all, encompasses not just the absence of disease, but a state of well-being in the society. It incorporates interdisciplinary approaches and sub-fields of behavioral health, environmental health, public policy and more. I want to contribute my part by becoming a public health surveillance nurse, after completing my course to become a registered nurse.

It is much too simplistic to say that “I want to help people.” With few exceptions, everyone wants to “help people.” The choice I have made is to help in a...

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