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Fitness Plan

Transitional Period: The transitional period is the time for an athlete that starts at the end of the season following the teams or athletes last competition. During this time an athlete will typically use the time to recover and rest. While resting, the athlete will regain strength and his/her muscles will have built back up within the first week or so. Light workout would be expected to stay in shape, as well as not totally falling off some sort of eating schedule or plan. The athlete may begin some sort of cross training program to add a variety to training. However cross training should no longer be in the athletes workout plan prior to preseason because it is not necessarily sport specific.
Preparatory Period: The preparatory season is the official off season for the athlete. For the first several weeks, the athlete will be in some sort of an endurance phase. Meaning whatever workouts they are participating in, they should aim to do low intensity and high volume. So for instance in the weight room they should be doing low weight with a higher amount of reps. Doing so allows for development of endurance base. Following the endurance phase should come the strength phase. This phase is a time where in the weight room the athlete would begin to add weight and lower the repetitions. This phase probably would not consist of as much cardio as the endurance phase depending on the sport and/or position. The third phase of the preparatory period is the power phase. The power phase is a time where the athlete would start doing heavy weight in the weight room or workouts and low reps, higher intensity workouts to start getting into competition shape. Volume is decreased to allow adequate recovery time.
Competition Period: This is the time of an athlete’s year that they have been training and working for. This period may last one…...

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