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Week of: Lecture Chapters Lab Exercises
Jan 19 Martin Luther King’s Day – No classes 21 Introduction #2 Metric Measure

Jan 26 Ch. 1 Biology, Study of Life #2 Microscopy 28 Ch. 2 Basic Chemistry #3 Chem. Comp. of Cells

Feb 2 Ch. 2 Properties of Water #3 Chem. Comp. of Cells/Unknown Quiz 4 Ch. 3 Organic Molecules #4 The Cells

Feb 9 Lecture Exam 1 (Chs 1-3) #4 pH and Cells 11 Ch. 4 Structure and Function of Cells #4 Diffusion and Osmosis

Feb 16 Ch. 5 Dynamic Activities of Cells Review 18 Ch. 5 Dynamic Activities of Cells Lab Practical 1

Feb 23 Ch. 6 Photosynthesis #5 Enzymes 25 Ch. 6 Photosynthesis #6 Photosynthesis

Mar 2 Lecture Exam 2 (Chs 4-6) #7 Cellular Respiration 4 Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Group Project Case Study

Mar 9 Ch. 8 Cellular Reproduction #8 Mitosis 11 Ch. 9 Sexual Reproduction #8 Meiosis

Mar 16-19 Spring Break!

Mar 23 Ch. 10 Genetic Inheritance #9 Mendelian Genetics 25 Ch. 10 Genetic Inheritance #9 Mendelian Genetics

Mar 30 Lecture Exam 3 (Chs 7-9) Review
Apr 1 Ch. 11 Molecular Biology of Inheritance Lab Practical 2

Apr 6 Ch. 11 Molecular Biology of Inheritance #10 Human Genetics 8 Ch. 12 Regulation of Gene Activity #11 DNA Biology

Apr 13 Ch. 13 Biotechnology #11 DNA Technology 15 Ch. 13 Biotechnology #12 Evidences of Evolution

Apr 20 Lecture Exam 4 (Chs 10-12) #12 Evidences of Evolution 22 Ch. 14 Evidence of Evolution #13 Natural Selection

April 20th Last Day to Drop

Apr 27 Ch. 15 Speciation and Evolution Designing Experiment on Natural Selection 29 Ch. 16 Evolutionary History of Life Review

May 4 Prep for Final Exam Lab Practical 3 6 Prep for Final Exam

May 11 Final Exam (Chs 1-15) 11:45 AM – 1:45 PM

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Hdgd, supplies, communication and transport. The summary of the cost estimates are presented in Table : 9.7 Disbursement Schedule The summary of the cash-flow is as shown in the Table below. The cash-flow is based on the implementation schedule and the corresponding co sts of the project components.The yearly distribution of costs is as follows: Yearly cash-flow (transmission line cost included) Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 15.88% 27.63% 46.77% 9.71% 10. PROJECT OUTPUTS AND BENEFITS Energy Production and average Energy Rates The energy production is carried out on the basis of daily data of Rajduwali station with catchment coorelation. These data were then tr ansferred into Nepali calander months. Below is the Monthly average Power and energy summary Table: The average energy rate considered for the computation of the benefits is NPR 4.48/kWh in the year 2006 (Base Year). These rates were then escalated for 15 years from base year at the rate of 6% for first 5 years and 2.5% for the rest of the period. The energy benefit shall be by the sales of energy to the grid and the government-takes shall be the royalty on installed capacity and energy production as well as the taxes on energy sales. Energy Consumption The estimated energy produced by MHP is assum ed to be consumed by the local market in the National Grid. This project situated at t he eastern region will be the added benefit to the national grid......

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