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Week of: Lecture Chapters Lab Exercises
Jan 19 Martin Luther King’s Day – No classes 21 Introduction #2 Metric Measure

Jan 26 Ch. 1 Biology, Study of Life #2 Microscopy 28 Ch. 2 Basic Chemistry #3 Chem. Comp. of Cells

Feb 2 Ch. 2 Properties of Water #3 Chem. Comp. of Cells/Unknown Quiz 4 Ch. 3 Organic Molecules #4 The Cells

Feb 9 Lecture Exam 1 (Chs 1-3) #4 pH and Cells 11 Ch. 4 Structure and Function of Cells #4 Diffusion and Osmosis

Feb 16 Ch. 5 Dynamic Activities of Cells Review 18 Ch. 5 Dynamic Activities of Cells Lab Practical 1

Feb 23 Ch. 6 Photosynthesis #5 Enzymes 25 Ch. 6 Photosynthesis #6 Photosynthesis

Mar 2 Lecture Exam 2 (Chs 4-6) #7 Cellular Respiration 4 Ch. 7 Cellular Respiration Group Project Case Study

Mar 9 Ch. 8 Cellular Reproduction #8 Mitosis 11 Ch. 9 Sexual Reproduction #8 Meiosis

Mar 16-19 Spring Break!

Mar 23 Ch. 10 Genetic Inheritance #9 Mendelian Genetics 25 Ch. 10 Genetic Inheritance #9 Mendelian Genetics

Mar 30 Lecture Exam 3 (Chs 7-9) Review
Apr 1 Ch. 11 Molecular Biology of Inheritance Lab Practical 2

Apr 6 Ch. 11 Molecular Biology of Inheritance #10 Human Genetics 8 Ch. 12 Regulation of Gene Activity #11 DNA Biology

Apr 13 Ch. 13 Biotechnology #11 DNA Technology 15 Ch. 13 Biotechnology #12 Evidences of Evolution

Apr 20 Lecture Exam 4 (Chs 10-12) #12 Evidences of Evolution 22 Ch. 14 Evidence of Evolution #13 Natural Selection

April 20th Last Day to Drop

Apr 27 Ch. 15 Speciation and Evolution Designing Experiment on Natural Selection 29 Ch. 16 Evolutionary History of Life Review

May 4 Prep for Final Exam Lab Practical 3 6 Prep for Final Exam

May 11 Final Exam (Chs 1-15) 11:45 AM – 1:45 PM

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