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A call center managers can use the statistical report to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of an employee in the areas of response time and service level, number of calls per employee, first call resolution, and transfer rate. By using the statistical report, it will help show the relationship between their performance and the organization standards or goals and it is easier to visualize. It can also be utilized by the managers to take necessary corrective actions if needed.

The response time and service level can be measured by the monitoring how many calls are answered within how many seconds and total number of calls in a day is being answered. It is important to monitor the total amount of calls but we must consider the number of calls an employee is answering and should be reported to ensure that individual employee is properly assessed. This will also show if the employees are answering them promptly and not just a handful is answering the calls.
The first call resolution (FCR) measures the individuals’ ability to accomplish the task in one transaction and not transfer the call. Transfer rate indicates how many calls have been transferred to another party to be handled. Monitoring the number of calls being transferred can identify if there are any performance gaps and training if needed (Reynolds 2012). Reynolds, Penny (January 2012) The Top 20 Contact Center Metrics for 2012. Multichannel Merchant,
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