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Nursing Theorist Grid

Use grid below to complete the Week 4-Nursing Theorists assignment. Please see the “Nursing Theorists’ Grading Criteria” document, located on the Materials page of the student Web site.

Name: Steve Early

Theorist Selected: Sr. Callista Roy

Description of Theory: Sister Callista Roy believed that “Humans are bio-psycho-social beings existing within an environment. Needs are created within interrelated adaptive modes: physiological, self-concept, role function, and interdependence” (Taylor 74). Sr. Roy believed that the patient’s modes of adaption were partly innate and partly acquired behaviors; if the behaviors are appropriately applied there is an increase in health restoration. According to "Nursing Theory" (2011), The nursing theory was named “The Adaptation Model,” and includes a “six step nursing process: 1) The first level of assessment, which addresses the patient's behavior, 2)The second level of assessment, which addresses the patient's stimuli, 3)Diagnosis of the patient, 4)Setting goals for the patient's health, 5)Intervention to take actions in order to meet those goals, and 6)Evaluation of the result to determine if goals were met.”
Theory’s Historical background: Sister Callista Roy is considered a living legend as she has been awarded various acknowledgements for her contributions to nursing. Sr. Roy developed the Adaptation Model in 1976, and for the past 36 years, she has been researching and updating her work, literally adapting to the ever-changing world and social needs. She has based her works upon a holistic approach that incorporates the patient’s needs that are “individualized in accordance to the patients’ religion, background, education, family, and society as a whole” (Boston College William F. Connell School of Nursing, 2012). The patient outcome, good, bad,...

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